Bruit du Frigo

The "Terres Communes" (Common Lands) Trail offers 300 km of hiking trails through the Bordeaux suburbs.
The route, in the form of a chain with links, is made up of 15 joined loops. Each loop corresponds to a day's walk.
A large loop of 170 km, running from one loop to the other, also allows to walk the complete tour of the city in 9 days.

Since 1999, the architect Yvan Detraz has been proposing the creation of hiking trails to connect abandoned spaces, and to structure the peri-urban spaces of our megacities.
From 2010, he has been developing with Bruit du frigo and Z├ębra3/Buy-Sellf "Refuges périurbains" which allow to spend the night in selected areas of the Bordeaux agglomeration.

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