Jordi Ballesta

Since the spring of 2018, a trail for hiking, creation and urban research, called the Attiko Monopati, crosses the Lekanopedio and more broadly all of Attica. This trail joins Marathon to Piraeus, continues to Megara and returns to Athens, then heads towards the airport, Lavrio and Sounio.
The Attiko Monopati is conceived as a tool for questioning our contemporary ways of living, building and planning, as a transport infrastructure that allows us to explore the city in all its peculiarities, and as a linear place that one inhabits through walking. It aims to discover intimately and slowly the morphological and ecological diversity of the Athenian urban complex, without any motorized vehicle.

Crossing the Attica from East to West through a lace that is tied to the "Mount of Turks" in the heart of the metropolis, the Attiko Monopati is a project initiated by the geographer and photographer Jordi Ballesta, who has been intensely surveying this territory since 2000. The contemporary boundaries of the Athenian metropolis correspond to the administrative region of Attica—the ancient territory of the city-state of Athens.