"Houmani" is a 180-km long original itinerary (10 days of walking) to go and meet the inhabitants and the habitats of the Greater Tunis area (2 million inhabitants, 900 km2). This trail goes through the 3 gouvernorats of Tunis, Ben Arous and Ariana.
An international workshop with students (in Urbanism, Public Policy, Art, Human Sciences and Ecology) has taken place in 2016 in order to discover, analyze and report the metropolitan landscapes in a collective publication.
Editorial committe: Sameh Arfaoui, Khirallah Ben Hafaiedh, Amine Rachid, Rym Ghouma, Pascal Menoret, Julien Seroussi, Chris Brooks.

In the aftermath of the Tunisian Revolution of 2011, the Greater Tunis Trail unfolds in 3 loops from the Belvedere Park. Designed at the Palais de Tokyo and the Mucem, it will be the subject of a survey and an international workshop in 2015.
It is called "Houmani" (which means "people from the neighborhood" in Tunisian dialect), in homage to Hamzaoui's 2013 song Med Amine and Kafon, which became an anthem of the Tunisian suburbs.