How to produce a trail

A Metropolitan Trail is drawn (lesson 1), explored (lesson 2), told (lesson 3), shared (lesson 4), and made official (lesson 5). We briefly touched on questions of production in previous lessons. Let’s dig in a bit further now.

How can we, together with the right number of partners, produce the 4 previous stages (route, community, story, guide) in a seamless and coherent way? How can we negotiate an official route? How can we build a community of partners around a trail? How can we give shape to the stories that emerge? How can we build a consistent walking program? How much time does that all take? How can we build a budget?
The skills you will need assemble: mapmaking, partnership building, publishing, project management, administrative and financial steering, etc.
This lesson is for people, local communities, and institutions with experience in coordinating cultural, infrastructural, or other projects, or who are interested in acquiring such experience.
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