InspiralLondon is an ambitious artist-led project, working collectively to create a new walk trail spiraling through London, beginning at Kings Cross and ending at Gravesend.
The 300-mile pathway is divided into 32 segments, allowing the public to experience the city as one vast art space in which to re-imagine the built environment.
Expanding on the potential of walking as art, we use a variety of artistic practices and artistic interventions to offer an alternative platform that provides accessible and pleasurable ways to delve into under-explored and forgotten parts of the metropolis.

After having carried out artistic interventions on the GR2013, the artist Charlie Fox draws in the Greater London (the Mecca of walking artists) a spiral between the station of Saint-Pancras and Gravesend, burial place of Pocahontas and starting point of Joseph Conrad's In the Heart of Darkness—and of the conquest of the world by England. Since 2014, he has been marking out each month with a collective of artists and activists a section of his itinerary, inaugurated in 2017.

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