Urban Studies

The Agency initiates or participates in urban studies on territorial diagnoses and urban long-term planning—about the place of the pedestrian in the urban environment, enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, post-petroleum cities…

Project Support

We share our know-how with major regional projects carried out by not-for-profit organizations or local authorities.
Project management assistance.
Collaboration with teams of town planners.

Territory Workshops

The implementation of a metropolitan trail requires negotiation with municipalities and other communities. We work with local authorities on preliminary territorial diagnoses (on the place of the pedestrian in an urban environment, enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, territorial identities) in order to define the final route.
By drawing metropolitan routes, we make narratives of place, and we share them with the inhabitants and the press.
The Territory Workshops are the factory of the Metropolitan Trails.


Métropole du Grand Paris 2016-2020

Société du Grand Paris 2017

Ville de Paris 2018

Region Ile-de-France 2016-2017

Etablissement public territorial Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir 2017-2020

Design and implementation of the Greater Paris Trail. Project budget 400 000€.

Region Sud 2014-2016

Departmental Council of Vaucluse 2016

Municipality of Roquemaure (84) 2016

Municipality of Althen-des-Paluds (84) 2016

Commmune of Pernes-les-Fontaines (84) 2016

Design and implementation of a metropolitan trail to complement the creation of the new Avignon-Carpentras railway line. Project budget 150 000€.

Voies navigables de France (VNF) 2013

Prospective study on the development of river traffic on the existing Picardy network and possible means of action to support the development of river tourism

Atrium Brussels 2013

Urban study on the Gare du Midi district in Brussels with a view to drawing up a commercial development plan for the district