3 - Teaching center

"Earthly Cities"

Most municipalities and urban areas now wish to embark on a process of ecological transition.

But where to start? How to avoid green washing? How to prioritise projects? How to make our territories less dependent on energy? How to finance projects? How to involve the inhabitants?
In order to support technicians, elected officials, urban planners, associative leaders, activists... who are already involved in this unprecedentedly large-scale project, the EARTHLY CITIES project offers a synthetic and operational training course in ecological urban planning.

The EARTHLY CITIES project brings together European public and private actors specialised in urban ecology, based in Barcelona, Bologna, Marseille and Liège: the Sentiers Métropolitains agency, La Cité de l'Agriculture, UrbAgora Asbl, il Mercato Ritrovato et AMB Metròpolis Barcelona.

In order to elaborate together a training programme for the ecological city of tomorrow, we call for the identification of needs, sharing of experiences and convictions.

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