Your are a project leader

The Agency intervenes with associations and all types of actors concerned by the design and realization of a new metropolitan trail.

How do you convince the local authorities to get involved in your metropolitan trail project? Should you start with community walks or a pathway inventory? How do you find the right shape for your future pathway? How do you move from a collective practice of peri-urban hiking to a metropolitan trail project?

The successful development of a metropolitan trail is generally based on a strong commitment on the part of the project leaders and the building of a relationship of trust with the local authorities involved.

Access our resources

The contents of the Metropolitan Trails Academy can help you develop your project.
Lesson number 5 "how to produce a trail" is directly addressed to those with a declared or potential project.

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You wish to talk to us about your project.
It is in full development and you are ready to join the family of existing trails?
Maybe there are still some sticking points to identify?
Let's talk about it together.

Organize a workshop

To get your trail project off the ground, it can be very useful to organize a first territory workshop with the community (financing methods and duration to be defined together).
Our team is there for that