Think tank

Through all its activities of production, consulting, pedagogy, network animation, the Metropolitan Trails Agency invites us to imagine the post-oil city.

As the urban philosopher Sébastien Marot reminds us, urban planning was born at the end of the 19th century, not in order to make cities, which had existed for a long time, but to manage the crisis of their explosion—itself a consequence of industrialization and rural exodus.

Modernism and the primacy of the car gave rise to contemporary urban planning, which, by seeking to solve congestion problems, created new and much more serious problems, including urban sprawl and the disappearance of the frontier between city and country.

We must now imagine the post-petroleum city.

With the rise of urban agriculture movements, and the new interest in bioregional thinking, we may now be on the threshold of an ecological revolution in urban planning.

During this process, the Metropolitan Trails will be transition tools to rehabilitate our urban territories, open new conversations between experts and inhabitants, and accompany a deep urban change.

Our think tank activities (research, publication, studies…) are connected to Wildproject editions, a publishing house specializing in ecological humanities.