Metropolitan Trails are empowering educational platforms.
“No one educates others, no one educates himself, people educate each other through the world.” (Paolo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed)

Workshops and conferences

We regularly present our work and our territorial projects in schools, universities, training centres, institutions…

We also organize international workshops with universities and schools, that include mapping, walking and stories of place.

Our workshops are original educational tools that allow us to share, develop and share our skills in designing routes and narratives of cities with students and professionals.

Focused on geography, urban planning and publishing, these workshops are aimed at all students who are interested in the city: urban studies, humanities, visual arts, environmental studies, etc.
In close partnership with the pedagogical needs of a class, we design a series of lectures and walks. In general, our workshops include an overnight stay in the field, and at least a 15 km walk, a preliminary session on the map, and a production work.

Our methodology is based on active student participation, especially during the collection process of the walk.

For more information and to discuss the content of a workshop, please write to us at:


SciencePo Paris (Master of Public Affairs) 2013-2016
Marseille School of Architecture (ENSAM) 2013-2015
Valencia School of Art and Design (ESAD) 2014
New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) 2014
University of Paris-13 Bobigny Campus (Paris) 2014
University of Luxembourg 2015
Swedenborg Society, London (UK) 2016
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Malmö (Sweden) 2016
School of Architecture of the City & Territories Paris-Est (Paris) 2017

European Academy of Metropolitan Pathways

The phenomenon of metropolisation, which has been under way in Europe for decades in morphological and sociological terms, is giving rise to administrative entities. These metropolitan administrative entities, whether old or more recent, do not always correspond, on the citizens’ side, to a knowledge of the metropolitan territory, nor to a feeling of belonging or metropolitan community, nor to the existence of a “metropolitan heritage” forming a base of references and values.

The metropolitan fact having become the contemporary urban fact, the existence of a metropolitan culture (which may have a critical dimension) is a political and societal issue. The Académie des Sentiers Métropolitains responds to this challenge through an innovative project of adult education in metropolitan culture.

The Académie des Sentiers Métropolitains is an innovative training approach to the metropolitan fact, complementary to academic or theoretical training. The Sentier Métropolitain goes hand in hand with the construction of “local training collectives” (on the model of the “heritage collectives” of the Faro Convention). Within these collectives, a citizen practice of knowledge sharing and cross-fertilisation of expertise is set up during the walk, in the field.

The Académie des Sentiers Métropolitains is a project led by 6 structures, in partnership with 6 partners, and co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The partners are in Athens, the ecotourism cooperative PathsofGreece with the geographer Jordi Ballesta; in Cologne the urban planning agency Urbangestalt with the artist Boris Sieverts, in Milan the association Treeking Italia with the architects and authors Gianluca Migliavaca and Gianni Biondillo, in Marseille with the association le Bureau des Guides du GR2013, and the Museum of Civilisation and the Mediterranean (Mucem).

The Academy was founded by an international network that was formed in 2017 on the occasion of the creation of a showcase for the Mucem’s permanent exhibition “Connectivities”.

Discover the MOOC of the Académie des Sentiers Métropolitains.