« Houmani : Voyage à Tunis » is a travel on foot along a 180-km long original itinerary (9 days of walking) to go and meet the inhabitants and habitats of the Greater Tunis area (2 million inhabitants, 900 km2

This urban odyssey is an educational and editorial project that wants to collect and share new narratives about the human reality of a capital of Arab Spring, in order to enrich our collective representations and knowledge of the Greater Tunis and of the metropolitan fact.

Along this itinerary, that crosses the 3 gouvernorats of Tunis, Ben Arous and Ariana, students (in Urbanism, Public Policy, Art, Human Sciences and Ecology) will be invited to discover, analyze and report in a polyphonic metropolitan inquiry that will end up in a collective publishing realization (in Arabic, French and English) including texts and visual works.





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"The creation of hiking trails constitues a work of the mind."
Court of Appeal, France, 1998