Along our MetropolitanTrails, we develop an innovative touristic offer: urban treks across famous world capitals―Paris, Marseille, Tunis...

Starting from the airport, we are your guides for 2 to 3 days of walk (around 15 km a day) along a loop that will take us back to the airport at the end of the stay. The entire travel happens on foot, and in genuine comfortable accomodation.

We go and meet places and people that are outside media radars, and are however the majority of the world. The places of interest we go through deal with geography, urbanism, ecology, history, sciology, contemporary art.

In Paris, Marseille and Tunis, we invite you to live a new kind of touristic experience. Our goal is to share with you travels that change our lives.

Depending on your expectations, we are ready to design with you our travel in the real world. Contact us at:

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"The creation of hiking trails constitues a work of the mind."
Court of Appeal, France, 1998