A metropolitan trail is a walking route across urban or suburban areas.

Urban hiking takes cities as a part of nature, the natural habitat of what Homo sapiens has become. Designed for locals and tourists alike, Metropolitan Trails encourage walkers to experience familiar places in a new way, physically connect spaces usually considered remote or separate from one another, and rediscover walking as a noble mode of transport.

Between ecology and urbanism, literature and contemporary art, metropolitan trails are connected to many forms of human activity: tourism, transport, urban planning, biodiversity, culture and heritage. Metropolitan Trails are collective territorial projects that radically alter urban cultural practices by connecting urban, suburban and rural areas, and casting them in a new light.

Metropolitan Trails question the center from the periphery: by exploring global suburbia, they invent the city of tomorrow.

Welcome to your neighborhood. 



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"The creation of hiking trails constitues a work of the mind."
Court of Appeal, France, 1998