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Le Sentier du Grand Paris

Planet Banlieue Lanaspeze & Lavessière

Genesis and behind the scenes of the "Metropolitan Paths", urban and poetic infrastructures

"... while we wait for the city of the 22nd century, there is nothing to do but walk, and nowhere else to do so but in the folds of our megalopolises, where the Earth comes everywhere to forgive us and, in the cracks of abandoned roads, to offer us the redemption of its little aromatic plants. »

A 5-year walking conversation between a publisher and an urban planner, featuring e-mails, Facebook posts, Google Earth maps, movie screenshots and clips, poems, wordcapes, manifestos, tributes, logbooks, a fragment of a new gospel and a draft of a speech by the UN president in 2040.

This work was produced as part of the "Metropolitan Pathways" showcase produced for the Connectivity (2017-2020) exhibition at the Mucem.

Sentiers Métropolitains is a structure created in 2014 by Baptiste Lanaspeze (publisher, founder of Wildproject editions) and Paul-Hervé Lavessière (geographer-urban planner), which aims to develop hiking routes in the world's metropolises.
Les Sentiers Métropolitains was awarded the 2013 Urban Planning Medal by the Academy of Architecture.

Limited edition (100 copies)
Published in May 2018
15 euros
232 pages - 12 x 19 cm

Exclusively on sale at the Mucem bookstore.

The Revolution of Paris Paul-Hervé Lavessière

Two friends went to visit their capital on foot.

They didn't go to the Eiffel Tower or the Musée du Louvre. In a 6-day walk designed by the author, they reached Saint-Denis, Créteil and Versailles through 37 communes and 4 departments (92, 93, 94, 78).

Along the terminus of the Parisian metro and other RER stations, this journey into the heart of Greater Paris sketches a new geography and proposes a new way of living the capital.

"I highly recommend this travel journal to our listeners."

Philippe Meyer, France Culture

"A real lesson in urban planning."

Delphine Bürkli, Mayor of the 9th district, President of the Haussmann Prize 2015

"What makes this story attractive is Lavessière's absolutely unprejudiced and totally benevolent view of the landscape and the people. A real journey."

Sibylle Vincendon, Liberation

"A book to slip into your backpack!"

Muriel Fauriat, Pilgrim

Paul-Hervé Lavessière, urban planner-geographer born in 1987 in Charente, is the co-founder of the Agence des Sentiers Métropolitains. He designed the 130 km of the itinerary of the Paris Revolution.

192 p., 20 euros
Release February 2014